dry ice blasting

An environmentally friendly cleaning

What do you expect from cleaning agents and a wide variety of methods? Of course, they should be effective and remove all dirt. So you want the different surfaces to actually look clean after cleaning. Nevertheless, in recent years, the factor of environmental friendliness has also become increasingly important. That’s a good thing! After all, it’s the least you can do. That’s why it’s time for you to focus more on a wide variety of alternatives for cleaning a wide variety of areas. Why and what these are, we have summarized here.

That’s why environmentally friendly cleaning is so important

What does environmentally friendly cleaning actually mean? Anyone who cleans in an environmentally friendly manner also achieves outstanding cleaning results and ensures hygiene. At the same time, however, it ensures that the environment and health are not affected. This is important, because the environment in the broader sense is also our life. By using environmentally harmful agents, you can sustainably ensure that species and plants become extinct and that the quality of life on the entire planet decreases. More than that, however, environmentally harmful cleaning always stands for harmful cleaning. Thus, by using various cleaning agents incorrectly, you can cause health disadvantages and, in the worst case, even die.

This is how dangerous conventional cleaning agents are

Common cleaning agents have numerous substances that affect the environment and your health.

These are usually chemicals that end up in the wastewater, for example, and thus bring the entire water system into an imbalance. More than that, you even spend much more money on environmentally harmful cleaning than on various alternatives, while the packaging alone is already questionable. By inhaling various detergents, such as chlorine gas, you in turn ensure that your mucous membranes are irritated. In the worst case, all this leads to poisoning, which can also be fatal. Read more

Alternatives to conventional cleaning methods

With the many disadvantages of different cleaning agents and methods, the question naturally arises as to what the alternatives are. Fortunately, there is enough of this these days! An example of this is dry ice blasting, which you can use to clean numerous surfaces. It can even be said that the procedure is far more effective than many others. It is originally used in industry, where it can also remove paint, paint or grease from all kinds of surfaces.

Furthermore, it is therefore suitable for cleaning textiles or metal parts. Cleaning by dry ice blasting from White-Lion is also suitable for cleaning the outdoor area, such as the façade or the terrace. In addition, it is worth relying on a steam cleaner for smaller cleaning applications. This is used if dry ice would be too strong, and can also ensure clean results without all cleaning agents. Fortunately, you are no longer dependent on cleaning agents today. In the event of an emergency, you prefer to use home remedies, such as vinegar or baking soda.